Welcome South African Film Festival USA! Following in the steps of SAFF Canada, and SAFF Australia & New Zealand, we are proud to present features and documentaries that explore the culture, history and politics of South Africa – films that inspire, inform, and entertain.

South Africa, with its diverse population, rich tradition of struggle for democracy and equity, and complex political and economic reality, has produced numerous outstanding films. The movies you will see at SAFF USA are among those.

SAFF is a film festival with a heart and conscience. A not for-profit event, organized by a group of passionate volunteers, the proceeds support Education without Borders (EwB), established in 2002. EwB provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged and at risk children in South Africa through initiatives in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It is our way of giving back. More about EwB can be seen here.

SAFF USA also sends 10% of its proceeds to Kids In Need Foundation. Promoting equity in schools is an invaluable social investment that gives children a deeper perspective, knowledge about the world around them, and empowers them to make wise decisions for their future.

Committed to bringing South African cinema to the whole of the USA, volunteers are planning a virtual festival with outstanding films, Q&As with directors and engaging content to transform your living room into a home cinema.