SAFF has significant fundraising goals this year

Fundraising goals

General mentoring / tutoring at all five sites
  • $50 funds all meals for one day for 100 students.
  • $90 funds one student for a single term (incl. a meal at each session)
  • $360 funds one learner for one year (incl meal at each session)
  • $500 helps fund the emerging Early Literacy Program
Together with our sister SAFF festivals in Canada and Australia / NZ, we are fundraising towards these goals:
  • Expanding our early learning programs – reading and writing in the home language and in English. This will get the younger learners involved with an after-school program at an earlier age, being of great benefit to them.
  • Expanding our afterschool tutorial programs into high schools and more primary schools. EwB’s focus on skill mastery in mathematics is drawing attention from neighboring schools. In addition to math, EwB is helping learners to read with understanding.
  • Enhancing the support EwB provides to our learners in the form of nutrition, social support, mentoring, scholarships and goal setting.
SAFF USA also donate 10% of its proceeds to the Kids In Need Foundation, which stands for these pillars:
  1. Opportunity Gap – the circumstances a child is born into – race, ethnicity, zip code, and socioeconomic status – should not determine their educational experience.
  2. Equality in Education – every child in American should have equal access to the educational resources that meet their needs.
  3. Racial Equality – Regardless of skin color and/or ethnicity, all students should have equal opportunity and access to quality education.
  4. Supporting Under-resourced Teachers – Teachers have an unmatched impact on society. They have a daily influence on tomorrow’s leaders and are the key to unlocking a student’s potential.
Promoting equity in schools is an invaluable social investment that gives children a deeper perspective, knowledge about the world around them, and empowers them to make wise decisions for their future. For more details on the Fundraising initiative contact us at See for comprehensive information about EwB, including access to its annual reports. The growth and success of the EwB program is due in large part to the generosity of the people who support the film festivals in USA, Canada and Australia and NZ. We are most grateful.

South African Film Festival USA(SAFF USA) DBA Education without Borders (EwB)  is registered as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to SAFF USA and Education without Borders (EwB) are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax ID number is 87-1009172