Girl, Taken

Girl, Taken follows the story of Celeste and Morne Nurse, whose baby daughter Zephany was stolen from hospital three days after her birth in Cape Town, April 1997. For 17 years, the devastated couple searched for Zephany, regularly making media appeals, hiring private detectives and following false leads. Then in 2015, their second daughter, Cassidy, enrolled in a new school, where other pupils pointed out an older pupil, Miche Solomon, who looked much like her. DNA samples con􀀁rmed that Miche was Zephany, and, incredibly, she had grown up only a few miles from the Nurse’s home. The Nurses were overjoyed, and the story saw them becoming media darlings around the world. However, the arrest and trial of the seamstress whom Miche knew as her loving mother devastated her and ultimately, she chose to remain with the kidnapper’s family. The Nurses, against all expectations, lost their daughter a second time. This 􀀁lm follows the process of two broken families climbing the di􀀂cult path towards forgiveness and wholeness.


François Verster, Simon Wood


Neasa Ní Chianáin, Francois Verster, Simon Wood


David Rane, Francois Verster


Celeste Nurse, Morné Nurse, Zephany Nurse